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Plasma Sample Dilutent

Plasma Sample Diluent Cell Technology Sample Dilutent
Plasma Sample Dilutent
Antigen-Down (ESD200)


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Product code: ESD200
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Improves Assays

By accurately reading and quantitating high-titer samples. High-titer samples may overload the finite binding capacity of the coated ELISA plate surface, thus requiring dilution prior to testing in the assay.


Simply multiply the value determined from the curve by your dilution factor. For example, if you diluted your sample 1:2 (250uL sample into 250uL sample diluent) and this yielded an OD of 0.437, when read off the curve, the OD of 0.437 correlated to 200 pg/mL, you would simply multiply 200pg/mL by 2 (your dilution factor) yielding a value of 400pg/mL, meaning that the original starting sample had 400pg/mL of analyte present.

Diluents Available

  • ESD100 General-Purpose Sample Diluent – All ELISAs For dilution of most serum, ascites, cell-culture supernatants, and antigens into the functional range of the ELISA.
  • ESD200 Plasma Sample Diluent – Antigen-Down For dilution of plasma samples into the functional range of the antigen-down ELISA to inhibit complement and thrombin (clotting) activity during the assay.
  • ESD300 Picses Sample Diluent.

ESD200 Plasma Sample Diluent - Antigen-Down

Plasma Sample Diluent is formulated specifically for use with plasma samples being tested in an antigen-down ELISA format. This diluent contains proprietary additives in a buffered BSA protein base with which provide an assay environment that minimizes nonspecific binding while maintaining proper ionic strength and pH for efficient antibody-antigen interaction. Additional additives have been included to inhibit thrombin (clotting) and complement activity during the plasma sample incubation period. ESD200 also contains an antimicrobial agent to provide a solution free of bacterial contamination.