Quantify Sarcosine in Biological Samples with Fluoro Sarcosine
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Did you know that you can quantify Sarcosine samples with Fluoro Sarcosine? Sarcosine, a protein component plays an important role in the metabolic activities of living cells. It is a constant source of serine, creatine, and purines. Sarcosine is a natural amino acid which is an important intermediate in the metabolism of choline. Known to activate prostate cancer cells.

Fluoro Sarcosine Assay

Cell Technology finds a way to quantify sarcosine in biological samples. Cell Technology’s Fluoro Sarcosine assay provides a reliable fluorimetric method for quantification of Sarcosine in biological samples. The detection kit utilizes a non-fluorescent detection reagent.  The main benefits are that it’s easy to use and detects sarcosine in cells, tissues, and serums. It is a new and reliable breakthrough in medical science.


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