Using the Hypochlorite Detection Kit from Cell Technology
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As a continuation of our talk on oxidative stress, another solution that we have at Cell Technology is the Hypochlorite Detection Kit. This, of course, is the toxic side of oxygen and metabolism. Hence, a reason for us to want to detect it in our bodies.

A Brief Intro to Hypochlorite

When your body is responding to an infection, it signals the immune system to produce small amounts of hypochlorite. This happens within the white blood cells. Simply put, they engulf viruses and bacteria and then digested.

Our Hypochlorite Detection Kit

Here is how the kit works. Aminophenyl fluorescein (APF) and Hydroxyphenyl fluorescein (HPF) are able to detect any highly reactive oxygen species (hROS). So, when you use both of these probes together, you can detect hypochlorite production in cells. The hypochlorite can be detected by loading two different. One with APF, and the other with APF. Thus, you can tell if there are any hypochlorite being produced. f there’s an increase in fluorescence of APF loaded cells and no increase in the HPF loaded cells.


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